Jerry Kilgore: 'Cynical Moron'

A reader, Jack Marshall of Alexandria, Va., wants to weigh in on the Kilgore bashing taking place on this blog. Frankly, I’m surprised the Kilgore for Governor folks haven’t responded yet. Here’s Jack’s letter:

Regarding Kilgore’s failure: I am one usually reliable GOP voter in Virginia who was disgusted by Kilgore’s irresponsible and brain-dead attack ads implying that a lawyer who defends a murderer is in some way endorsing the killer’s conduct.

I am a capital punishment supporter, a former defense lawyer and an ethicist, and Kilgore’s ads showed either a lack of comprehension of the 6th Amendment of Bill of Rights and a lawyer’s obligations generally or a cynical willingness to mislead the public. I had just fought this battle against Democrats trying to say that opinions authored by John Roberts for clients were his personal views, and here was a conservative Republican using the same idiotic fiction.

I told friends that after those ads I would vote for a lawn chair over Kilgore, and since one wasn’t running, I held my nose and voted for Kaine….after getting my usually reliably Republican parents, wife and friends to join me.

Message to Virginia GOP: don’t run cynical morons for high office. As a friend of mine is fond of saying, "There is some crap I won’t eat." There are a lot of lawyers in Virginia, and I can’t imagine why any of them would vote for Kilgore after those ads.