Not All of Yesterday's Results Were Bad

While yesterday’s election results were tough for Republicans, here are some silver linings:

1) In Ohio, measures to lower limits on political donations (Issue 3) and shift election administration duties from the secretary of state to an appointed commission (Issue 5), failed. Both results are huge victories for Ken Blackwell’s campaign for Ohio Governor.

2) In Texas, voters overwhelmingly backed a ban on same-sex marriage.

3) And in Virginia, Republicans have picked up the Lt. Governor seat – and may retain the Attorney General seat. Should this occur, it would mean a net pickup for Republicans who currently only hold the Attorney General seat. And because Virginia Governors cannot run for successive terms, the Republican “bench” would be very strong going into the 2009 elections.

While Democrats had a good day yesterday, many of yesterday’s Republican victories (such as the three listed above) will likely have positive long-term consequences.