New HUMAN EVENTS Card Deck Identifies 52 Liberals to Watch During ??¢â???¬â???¢06 Elections

As midterm elections gear up, HUMAN EVENTS has released a new card deck:  The 52 Most Dangerous Liberals in America, 2006 Election Edition Card Deck.”  This new card deck exposes the liberal politicians, activists and celebrities America should be most leery about throughout the 2006 campaign season.
When HUMAN EVENTS released its “52 Most Dangerous Liberals in America Card Deck in 2003, this stacked deck of cards became an instant sensation.  Featured on Fox News and MSNBC, the deck was a fun way to keep track of dangerous liberals during the presidential elections.

The political landscape has changed a lot since 2003, but one thing is still the same:  Hillary Clinton remains firmly entrenched as the Ace of Spades in the “52 Most Dangerous Liberals in America, 2006 Election Edition Card Deck.”
Well over half the cards feature newly dubbed “Dangerous Liberals.”  Entering the deck as the Ace of Hearts is philanthropist George Soros.  In addition, ex-conservative David Brock, Senator Harry Reid, blogger Arianna Huffington, and Move.Org are just a few who have been identified as liberals to watch out for during the 2006 election cycle.
HUMAN EVENTS subscribers had plenty to say about the politicians, celebrities, organizations and media included in the deck.  Ace of Spades Hillary was described as “politically astute enough to manipulate ignorant Democratic voters.”  Robert Byrd, Eight of Spades, was called out by one subscriber as “the most sanctimonious hypocrite in Congress.”  Nancy Pelosi was named the Queen of Hearts for her skill at making “the stupid and ridiculous seem mainstream.”

Of course, the most damning comment about liberals usually come from liberals themselves.  Each card in the “52 Most Dangerous Liberals in America” Card Deck includes a self-incriminating quote.  Jack of Spades Chris Dodd declares, “I don’t care what the public wants, I’m going to give it what it needs.”  And Joker Jesse Jackson explains, “Think about it:  A conservative Christian is a contradiction in terms.  Jesus was a liberal.  Herod was the conservative.”

Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer and George Soros were all “honored” as Aces.  Joker status was given to Howard Dean and Jesse Jackson.

The 52 Most Dangerous Liberals in America, 2006 Election Edition Card Deck is available on


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