Miranda for SCOTUS

It’s hard to miss Manny Miranda’s name in articles about the Supreme Court these days. During the failed Harriet Miers nomination, reporters at mainstream papers must have had Miranda’s number on speed dial—that’s how often he was quoted.

Today, Alex Bolton, a top-notch reporter for The Hill, recounts Miranda’s ups and downs—from his time with Sen. Orrin Hatch, who betrayed his one-time aide and doomed Miranda when he was counsel to Majority Leader Bill Frist. Since that time, Miranda has rebuilt his reputation, and has now taken on a more important role.

The most telling part of Miranda’s story is his ordeal trying to land a job on K Street, which he thought he had secured, but then lost due to an overzealous and angry Democrat with good connections. But had Miranda gotten that job, he wouldn’t have been able to do the remarkable things he’s doing now. Thank heavens for Democrats!