Top 10 Young Conservative Activists

1. Eric Hoplin
Deputy Chairman, Republican Party of Minnesota
Age: 27
Hoplin was elected deputy chairman of the Minnesota GOP. He previously served as national chairman of the College Republicans, where he presided over the largest expansion in its history.

2. Patrick X. Coyle
Director of Campus Programs, Young America’s Foundation
Age: 31
Coyle heads the largest conservative lecture program in the country and subsequently introduces thousands of young people to conservatism through Young America’s Foundation speakers.

3. Paul Gourley
Chairman, College Republican National Committee
Age: 23
Gourley was elected College Republican chairman in June in one of the most competitive elections in its history. Before that, he tripled the number of College Republicans in South Dakota.

4. Brad Shipp
National Field Director, Students for Academic Freedom
Age: 33
Shipp has assisted and been instrumental with the introduction of the Academic Bill of Rights in 15 state legislatures and U.S. House of Representatives.

5. Roger Custer
Conference Director, Young America’s Foundation
Age: 23
Custer organizes the nation’s largest student conferences. Time magazine credited Custer for changing the hostile atmosphere toward conservatives at his alma mater, Ithaca College.

6. Dan Flynn
Author, formerly led Leadership Institute’s Campus Leadership Program
Age: 31
Flynn exposes the left’s fallacies in his two books, Why the Left Hates America and Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall for Stupid Ideas.

7. Jason Mattera
Spokesman, Young America’s Foundation
Age: 22
At Roger Williams University, Mattera defended Christian principles and opposed racial preferences, generating national attention that resulted in the removal of its provost and a dean.

8. Charles Mitchell
Program Officer, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Age: 22
Mitchell edited Bucknell University’s conservative magazine, The Counterweight. At FIRE, he combats campus speech codes similar to those that tried to quiet him while in college.

9. Jennifer Johnson
Mentoring Director, Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute
Age: 29
Johnson spearheads the “V-Day Unveiled” campaign designed to counter Eve Ensler’s feminist play The Vagina Monolouges, which has grown popular on college campuses.

10. Peter Redpath
Student Division Director, Federalist Society
Age: 33
Redpath ensures law school students are exposed to conservative ideas by managing programs for a nationwide network of more than 180 Federalist Society chapters.