Can You Spot the Issue?

In today’s issue of the New York Times there is an article about the recent shenanigans by Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate titled Democrats Seek a Shift to Issues That Will Favor Them.

I read the article to find out what issues NYT thought the Democrats are pushing – and how the recent show was going to help them.

. . . Pause here to read the article . . .

Did you find them? The most I could glean was this paragraph,

“Arguing that Republicans are vulnerable in light of misconduct accusations reaching the highest levels of the White House and Congress, a rising death toll in Iraq and record fuel prices and oil company profits, Democrats are taking a more aggressive adversarial posture.”

If this is all the Democrats have I am not really worried about next years’ elections, especially with a slogan hearkening back to the malaise-ridden Carter years "Together, America Can Do Better."

The thing is I wish the Democrats actually had a vision or strategy or whatever and that the headline for this article was true, because then, maybe, the Republicans would actually be the small government, low tax, etc. party.