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It?¢â??¬â??¢s Time to get Unhinged

I feel like a kid on Christmas Morning.  The day is finally here; the official launch of Michelle Malkin’s new book Unhinged.  She has posted a blurb about the book on her blog.  It is worth clicking on the link to see the cover.  Malkin says:

The book is about turning MSM conventional wisdom on its head and showing that the standard caricature of conservatives as angry/racist/bigoted/violence-prone crackpots is a much better description of today’s unhinged liberals than of us.

I pre-ordered and my book will be here this morning, but that is not enough for me.  I’ve sent the link to Malkin’s post to all of my friends today.  I’m campaigning to vote early and vote often to vault this work to the top of the Best Seller’s list.

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Todd Manzi is a frequent contributor to Human Events. He lives in Mosinee Wisconsin and writes most passionately about media bias, the Constitution, education, supply-side economics and out-of-control Congressional Spending. He can be contacted through his website (

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