Coal for Moonbats

If hope is a waking dream, then Fitzmas hope is the hallucination of a man awake 96 hours.  Plamegate has not morphed into Watergate, and those Fitzmas stockings all hang low with coal.  How’s a moonbat to cope?

Some on the left seem to be handling the bitterness remarkably well, all things considered.  Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair of the radical CounterPunch (Ward Churchill contributes) look at the Fitzgerald indictment and don’t see any prosecutorial zeal to follow “the footprints that head off towards the vice president’s office.” They should be as disappointed as any, but rather than come unhinged that VPOTUS and Rove were not named, they cope the same time-tested way the far left has perfected – with insults:

This is what CounterPunch gets from Plamegate, and what we always got from Plamegate. The people in charge of the nation’s destinies these last five years are very, very stupid. Only really stupid people could have thought that outing Valerie Plame as an undercover CIA employee was a good way of undercutting her husband, Joe Wilson. Cheney is stupid. Rove is stupid. Bush is stupid. Libby, about whom we now have a heap of useful material, is very, very stupid.

It doesn’t move the ball down the field of ideas, but it sure makes them feel better.  Others, such as Daily Kos types, aren’t handling disillusionment well at all, and no longer get the same catharsis from invective.  Are they slouching off from Fitzmas to some kind of Fitzmasada?  Only time will tell.

They might want to consider a more active approach: When the hallucinations start (e.g., people in orange jumpsuits, frogmarches, Nixon), they should raise their hand and say “This is not Watergate!  This is NOT Watergate!!”