Put Jeff Flake on SCOTUS

Last week while Republican Senators were issuing press releases bragging about their pork spending Congressman Jeff Flake let lose with one of his own. 

Congressman Flake is was not pleased that the House version of the Defense Appropriations bill is “flushing taxpayers’ money down the toilet” by spending $2 million to study “no flush” urinal technology.

The Arizona Congressman routinely issues press releases pointing out the outrageous earmarks of his colleagues.  He can always be counted on as a no vote on wasteful spending.

So the fantasy is:  President Bush, holding a grudge against the Senate for their treatment of Miers, nominates Jeff Flake to replace O’Connor.  Senators of both parties would be apoplectic.  They know that Congressman Flake has no respect for the perversion of the commerce clause or the general welfare clause that provides cover for spending that is actually unconstitutional.  Supreme Court Justice Jeff Flake would be a nightmare for Congress.

That’s the fantasy.  The reality….I was able to use a headline about the vacancy on SCOTUS to get you thinking about pork spending for a few seconds.