On Commenting on the Indictment

I’m listening to Sean Hannity at the same time I am reading Powerline.  The contrast on the commentary is stunning.  John Hinderaker has an excellent post that should be required reading for all conservatives who intend to comment on this unfortunate event.

Liberals, Democrats and the liberal media are going to misrepresent and put an improper spin on today’s events, but we already know they do not have any intellectual honesty.  Conservatives and Republican commentators need to be careful as they address this subject.

I like the Sean Hannity Show and appreciate how valuable he is as an asset to the new media, but I wish he would slow down on this topic.  Now is the time for all of us on the right to dig deep and take extra caution to be objective with what we say and type.  Let’s not do what the liberals do.


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