Does The Post Comp Editors for Stretchers?

Even after getting harangued on the Daily Show (complete with CSPAN replays), floods of blogs and other media outlets, Sen. Ted Stevens (R.-Alaska) is still livid after allegedly being persecuted for his porky highway earmarks.

As you may recall, last week Sen. Tom Coburn issued an amendment last week to reallocate Alaska’s whopping $452 for bridge projects, including the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere”, to rebuild a Katrina devastated bridge in Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain. Stevens threatened his resignation if the bill passed and told members if it did pass he would “be taken out of here on stretcher.”

Unfortunately, the plan was rejected, but Stevens isn’t over feeling, well, rejected to put it tamely.

Stevens wrote a letter to the Washington Post blasting them for their coverage of his fit.

He wrote:

Regarding the October 23 editorial “Mr. Steven’s Tirade:” While the editors spelled my name right, it would have been nice if The Post had pointed out that I did not oppose taking money from the Highway Trust Fund for the Lake Pontchartrain Bridge. I opposed transferring all the money allocated to Alaska for  the next six years to Louisiana for expenditure now. No other state’s allocation was touched by the amendment of Sen. Tom Coburn.

Such flagrant disregard for any consideration of Alaska’s rights as a full partner in this Union infuriates me, and, I believe, justifiably so. (emphasis added)

Sen. Ted Stevens