Harry??¢â???¬â???¢s Mad

Recall my post when Harriet Miers was first nominated. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) was practically going ga-ga over President Bush’s decision to pick the woman he recommended for the job.

Well, it’s probably best to avoid Sen. Reid today. (Although I thank him for giving us credit where credit is due.) Here’s his statement on Miers’ withdrawal:

The radical right wing of the Republican Party killed the Harriet Miers nomination.  Apparently, Ms. Miers did not satisfy those who want to pack the Supreme Court with rigid ideologues.

“I had recommended that the President consider nominating Ms. Miers because I was impressed with her record of achievement as the managing partner of a major Texas law firm and the first woman president of the Texas Bar Association.  In those roles she was a strong supporter of law firm diversity policies and a leader in promoting legal services for the poor.  But these credentials are not good enough for the right wing: they want a nominee with a proven record of supporting their skewed goals.

“In choosing a replacement for Ms. Miers, President Bush should not reward the bad behavior of his right wing base.  He should reject the demands of a few extremists and choose a justice who will protect the constitutional rights of all Americans.”