Bush Backs Budget Cuts

In a post with the same headline as this one, John Hinderraker of Powerline links to this article in The Washington Times by saying:

This could be a very important story.  Then again, maybe not.

Hinderraker is exactly right.  It may or may not be important.

Is the stage is set for it to be extremely important?  Many, including myself, thought Miers was destined to at least make it to confirmation hearings.  Conservative voices were heard and she has withdrawn.  Yesterday, Sean Hannity went on a tirade against Senate Republicans.  Apparently he got some communication from top level Republicans asking him to back off, because of how much of a beating the Party is taking at the moment.  Hannity didn’t back off.

Are the Republicans in Washington finally listening to conservatives?  If so, is it possible to have an effect on the transportation bill?  An argument can be made that because of the hurricanes, we need to rethink our spending.  What if President Bush were to veto the TTHUD appropriations bill that was passed by the Senate last week?  Or, short of that, what if President Bush threatens to veto it unless Congress passes legislation trimming 10 to 20 Billion from the transportation bill?  If President Bush were to make a declaration like that, he would have conservatives euphorically singing his praises.

I know I’m having a pipe dream, but I feel so good today.  It feels like anything is possible.