MoveOn Hits a New Low

The liberal windbags at sent me a message this morning: “Attend a vigil tonight—media misses 2,000 killed in Iraq.” Excuse me, but how exactly did the media miss this “tragic milestone”?

Let’s begin with news stories earlier this year in two of America’s largest newspapers, the New York Times and Washington Post. Both documented the impending 2,000th death in articles here and here.

The Washington Post went so far as to write a whole article, “Presidents Past Inspire Bush’s Damage Control,” which prominently mentions the “symbolically important” 2,000th death as one of the challenges facing President Bush this week.

But why dwell on the past when we can focus on the present. MoveOn’s message says: “Yesterday we reached the sad milestone of 2,000 killed in Iraq. But for the most part, the national media are ignoring this tragic milestone. The men and women who died deserve better.”

Looking at the newspapers sitting on my desk at this very moment, I see the following:

  • Baltimore Sun, Page 1: “2,000th Death Spotlights Insurgents’ Persistence, Lethal Roadside Bombs”
  • Los Angeles Times, Page 1: “U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Hits 2,000”
  • New York Daily News, Page 1: “2,000th Hero Falls”
  • New York Post, Page 1: “2,000 Heroes”
  • New York Times, Page 1: “2,000 Dead: As Iraq Tours Stretch On, a Grim Mark”
  • USA Today, Page 1: “Death Toll Reaches 2,000”
  • Washington Post, Page 1: “Military Has Lost 2,000 in Iraq”

Maybe the folks at sent out their message before actually reading today’s newspapers, or maybe they’re so unhinged that they simply would rather ignore reality. Whatever the case may be, it’s just one more example of why the loony left loses credibility.