Hillary Wants An Answer

New York Senator and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton, wants an answer from Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers. In an Associated Press article Clinton said she’s eager for the Senate confirmation process to be played out, and there is one question she thinks Miers should be asked, "Please tell us one thing you disagree with the president on."

How will Harriet Miers respond to this poignant question from the Senator? To be honest, I don’t know, but I do know what I’d like to hear Ms. Miers say even though it might not be completely true.

“Well Senator Clinton, unlike the president, I do not believe you are a power hungry, manipulating, radical fema-nazi, who will stop at nothing to achieve your dreams of a socialist utopia. Nor do I believe that you are indeed the anti-Christ. I thank you for your question. Next!”


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