The Descent of Gaza

The descent of the Gaza Strip into anarchy and savagery since the Israeli withdrawal is an important story in which the MSM doesn’t seem particularly interested. Yesterday, two Palestinians who had been kidnapped in Gaza by armed gangs were released  – after both of them had been kneecapped.

The pair were accused of being Israeli collaborators, which is a common accusation in Gaza used to justify all manner of political as well as purely criminal violence. Although Palestinians in Gaza are now living in a state of complete lawlessness, with even the official representatives of the Palestinian Authority coming under frequent attack by this or that armed gang, the MSM still seems to think Palestinians’ biggest problem is the "humiliation" of having to stop at Israeli checkpoints.

There would be no reason to think that the fate of the West Bank will be any different from that of Gaza if the Israelis were to withdraw from there as well. I’m not sure if the international diplomats and politicians, including our president, who see an independent Palestinian state as the ultimate solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict understand that what the state they are trying to create will look more like Somalia than Switzerland.