New Ad Launches Wednesday to Urge Bush to Withdraw Miers Nomination

Just one day after was launched, another conservative  Harriet Miers opposition group has come out against President Bush’s Supreme Court nominee.

Americans for Better Justice, Inc., a grassroots conservative non-profit created to encourage the Bush Administration to withdraw his nomination of Harriet Miers, begins airing an ad on FOX today.

Better Justice’s spot (which can be viewed online) is carried by black and white stills of President Bush and Harriet Miers broken up by printed quotes from Judge Robert Bork and Rush Limbaugh. The transcript is printed below:

Even the best leaders make mistakes.

Conservatives support President Bush, but not Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers.

Judge Robert Bork says, “I don’t think she’s qualified” and called Miers’ nomination a disaster on every level.

Rush Limbaugh says, “I am totally behind the president, but I disagree with his nomination.”

America deserves better.

Go to and urge President Bush to withdraw his nomination of Harriet Miers.

Better Justice asks supporters to sign their petition demanding “The next justice of the Supreme Court should be a person of clear, consistent, and unashamed conservative judicial philosophy.”

On Better Justice’s Board of Advisors sits on all-star line-up that includes National Review’s David Frum, Townhall’s Mona Charen and Linda Chavez, but the group isn’t dominated by the beltway. On Better Justice’s Grassroots Letter section, one outraged activist, Matt Kacsmaryk from Dallas, Texas, wrote:

I worked 20-hour days in Pennsylvania to ensure President Bush’s election. I tolerated the prescription-drug benefit, out-of-control spending and ballooning deficits because THIS President promised to appoint Supreme Court Justices cut in the mold of Scalia and Thomas. Like many other conservatives, I have waited for this moment since 1987 (the year "Bork" became a verb). And how is my patience and tolerance rewarded? With an underwhelming and unknown nominee. And White House insults that smack of "identity politics" and post-modern feminist tripe.

Also available on is “What Conservatives are Saying About Miers” which is a reprint of quotes from Sen. Trent Lott (R.-Miss.), John Fund, Laura Ingraham and a number of other conservative leaders unhappy with the Miers nomination.