Mug Shot Mugs and More

Tom DeLay’s lawyer said yesterday that is “trying to raise money by selling t-shirts with Tom DeLay’s mug shots on the t-shirts.” 

Always on the ragged edge, Political Action fired off a press release today entitled “ Political Action On False Statement by Tom DeLay’s Defense Lawyer Dick DeGuerin.”  This is the whole thing:

“Tom DeLay is a key part of the culture of corruption in Washington. We’re not surprised that DeLay and his lawyer Dick DeGuerin are making things up. We’re not selling t-shirts. DeGuerin has either bad information or lied in court. Americans are sick of the corruption in Congress and think it will be a better place without Tom DeLay.”

The left is just mad he was grinning instead of looking contrite in the actual photo.  Somebody’s sure selling the shirts, though.  Entering “DeLay” and “mugshot” a moment ago at showed 226 products (including a light switch cover).