Military Recuiters Met by Gay Kiss-in

Anti-war protesters and gay activists confronted military recruiters during a job fair at the University of California-Santa Cruz this week.

But rather than the noisy sit-in that disrupted the career day event a year ago, students sympathetic to the anti-war movement on Tuesday staged a display of same-sex kissing in front of Army, Navy and Marine Corps recruiters.

“That I noticed,” said UC-Santa Cruz graduate Chris Chan, who is looking for a tech job.

At issue was whether military recruiters should be allowed on campus.

Activists say no, arguing the military discriminates against gays. But campus officials say military recruiters can’t be banned from the job fair because of a law called the Solomon Amendment or the university risks losing federal funds.

“We’re trying to avoid a repeat of what happened at last year’s career fair,” campus spokesman Jim Burns said.

Last year, students protesting military recruiters organized a sit-in and chanted so loudly interviewers could not hear. Protesters changed tactics this time, saying it wasn’t necessary to be shocking.

What the Associated Press didn’t mention is that this gay kiss-in prevented Santa Cruz students from talking with military recruiters. Furthermore, leftists were holding signs that said “F**** the Military” and “Free Palestine.” (I don’t know how Palestine fits into homosexuals’ objection to the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, but then again, anyone willing to hold a kiss-in instead of a persuasive debate on public policy probably is not packing in the intellectual department.)