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RE: Arab Despotism on Trial

I respect Nat’s argument regarding televising Saddam’s trial. 

However, I think it’s important to note that Saddam is a swashbuckling manipulator.  Maybe I have lost a little faith in the general public over the last couple of months, but I am frankly worried he might actually evoke a sort of sympathy for the devil – if not in America, than at least abroad.  Nat’s argument is that Saddam will try to posture for the cameras, but that nobody will buy it.  Sadly, I’m not convinced …

Granted, there’s an argument to be made that – just by virtue being on trial – one is made to look guilty.  For this reason, Ronnie Earle is anxious get a “mug-shot” of Rep. DeLay.  But let’s not forget that sometimes the tables are turned by a charismatic defendant.  Oliver North comes to mind (not that I am comparing a Lt. Colonel to Saddam). 

Like the serial killer that he is, Saddam craves attention.  Let’s not give it to him.  Let’s let him rot.

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Mr. Lewis has managed political campaigns and served as director of grassroots for the Leadership Institute, as well as political director for GOPAC. In 2002, Campaigns & Elections magazine selected him as a "Rising Star of Politics." He is the author of "Teaching Elephants to Talk." His blog can be read at

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