American Girl is Pro-Abort

I was disappointed this morning when I got a mass email on behalf of Colleen Parro explaining American Girl, owned by Mattel and who manufactures American Girl dolls has partnered with Girls, Inc., a pro-abortion, lesbian rights advocate group.

American Girl dolls feature girls from different periods that teach American history through stories of the problems young girls growing up in tumultous times. The dolls are marketed as very traditional, wholesome (and I might add expensive) poseable figures and are sold with accompanied book series, wearable accessories and host of period dress-up outfits.

My favorite doll was Samantha, a Victorian schoolgirl who wore a checked taffeta dress and cost $150 with her hardback book collection. For another $20 I could have gotten her locket, velvet hat, golden brooch and rose pink clutch. I had friends who along with Victorian Samantha, had Swedish Kirsten Larson who lived in Minnesota, Virginian colonial Felicity and Molly McIntire whose father was bravely fighting World War II.

Now, American Girl is selling bracelets on their webpage on behalf of Girls Inc., called the “I Can Band” that will donate seventy cents on every bracelet (total cost $1) to Girls Inc.— a strong abortion advocate that offers resources encouraging lesbian and bi-sexual behavior. One of Girls Inc. publications states, “The emergence of a lesbian identity is an ongoing process, rather than an event.”

Bath and Body Works has also partnered with Girls Inc. to sell their products


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