'Some Guy' discussed on Rush Limbaugh Show

Rush Limbaugh, America’s Most Popular Talk Show Host –a.k.a. “The Doctor of Democracy”—had this to say on his Program, Thursday, October 13th:

Some guy wrote a piece. I don’t remember his name right now. He wrote a piece for Human Events, and he advocates a theory. He says the mainstream blue-blood country club Republicans treat conservatives the same way the Democratic Party treats blacks. They wine and dine ’em and promise the moon during campaigns, but when it’s time to govern, they ignore us.

“Some guy?”  “Some Guy???!”  I’ll tell you who this guy was: he was MAC JOHNSON.  M-A-C  J-O-H-N-S-O-N.  MAC JOHNSON!  As in “Mac Johnson, columnist for Human Events Online.”  As in “Mac Johnson, The Webpage.” As in me. 

OK . . . I’m over it.  Wait, it’s coming back: “MAC, RUSH, MAC JOHNSON!!!!” 

OK, I’m back over it.

El Rushbo continued:

Well, maybe at some point that was an analogy that might have had some weight. The problem is, the conservative movement is the Republican Party today at the grassroots . . .

Unfortunately, the analogy seems to be re-gaining weight, especially recently.  Hopefully, this will begin to change as Republican strategists realize that conservatives are loyal to their principles, not to any organization or party –and that they can, therefore, actually be lost to the GOP, if the GOP strays too far from conservative principles.

But on the second point, I can only say “Exactamundo, Maha-Rushee.”  As I said in the article, “[Conservatives] are the fundraising base, the volunteer base and the turnout base” of the Republican Party.  The leadership cannot afford to ignore them on so many issues.  Conservatives are not uppity outsiders butting-in on the President’s policy and judicial appointments prerogatives. Conservatives are the reason that the President exercising these prerogatives is named “George Bush” and not “John Kerry” –because of their votes, donations, labor, and enthusiasm.

Conservatives are not like sports fans that pick a team and root for it eternally just for the fun of it.  We are trying to get some things done here –things we believe in very deeply.  Our support for the President grew out of these beliefs.  As long as that is kept in mind by the administration, I think that the current rift inside the GOP can be healed before any lasting damage is done.