Shock and Amaze: New Study Shows Leftist Bias in Academia

A new study reveals what many already suspected – the majority of top law and journalism school professors support the Democratic Party. Released recently by the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, the study found that at 18 of the country’s top law and journalism schools, there are seven Democrats on the faculty for every one Republican. (The study is based on party registrations in state primaries and was conducted during the 2004 and 2005 using faculty listings obtained late in the summer of 2005.)

Out of the law schools Stanford Law had the highest ratio (28 to 1) and out of the journalism schools it was Columbia Journalism School (15 to 1). And not one professor at the Journalism School of the University of California Berkeley, as far as researchers could tell, is a registered Republican.

Even schools thought to be quite conservative, such as the University of Chicago, failed to deliver a balanced faculty (6.5 to 1).

No wonder the mainstream media is so slanted to the left they can no longer walk straight and liberal lawyers and judges are constantly rewriting the laws of the land.

And whatever happened to a diverse, balanced and an all-encompassing education promised by these prominent universities?


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