Constitution Day Exposes Student Ignorance of American History

Not only was the United States Constitution drafted during the Civil War, but it was signed by John Hancock and declared that “all men are created equal.” Well, actually, the Constitution was framed in 1787 by fifty-five God-fearing men and it is the Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal.” But who cares about details? The students at one of the leading universities in the nation’s capital surely don’t.

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s October 7th edition documented this ignorant display of American history at, ironically, American University during the federally-mandated Constitution Day. Students were quick to assert their right to education, but were completely oblivious to the history surrounding the creation of our Constitution. “If you’re not getting a good education, how can you get…your voice heard?” was one student’s rationale on the right to education. When asked recite when the Constitution was signed, one student said, “I always get the date mixed up with the Declaration of Independence.”

Other gems included a student asking if the 16th Amendment abolished slavery, if women’s suffrage was included in any of the amendments, and if the U.S. Constitution can be viewed in the Capitol