To the Trash Cans! reports that is asking its minions for help finding something incriminating on Harriet Miers.

Nobody should take any maneuver at face value.  You will hear 100 different takes on what they’re up to, but here’s the key: It is October 12th and Harriet Miers was nominated on October 3rd.  This tells you they aren’t remotely serious about derailing a (for them) best-case candidate.  If Bush had wanted to play smash-mouth football by running, say, a Luttig right at Democrats, the lefty groups wouldn’t have let nine minutes pass, let alone an interval of nine days.

I think is looking ahead to the next nomination, reminding donors to think of them every time they take out the trash, and keeping their followers busy (PFAW invents menial tasks for its “activists” all the time).