??¢â???¬????I Now Think That She??¢â???¬â???¢s Unconfirmable??¢â???¬â???¢

Manuel Miranda, a contributor to HUMAN EVENTS and founder of the Third Branch Conference, is quoted in today’s New York Sun about the Miers nomination:

“Democrats now know that if they attack, no one that matters will mount a defense," Mr. Miranda said. "That’s why I now think that she’s unconfirmable and will have to be withdrawn."

In a follow-up message Miranda sent this afternoon, he reiterated his statement to make sure there wasn’t any doubt:

At this point, I no longer believe that this nomination is confirmable.  I will explain why at a later moment.  I have changed my mind to that extent from last week.  The question becomes how best to serve the president and the cause.

It’s still too early to make that call—but if Manny is correct, Democrats might just pounce on the idea to embarrass the President.

It seems the Bush Administration is already spinning its wheels with conservatives, so there’s certainly an opening. Will the Dems strike?