The Enemy of Their State is Their Friend

Jacob Laskin at takes a look at the increasingly eccentric trajectory of

In common with the more unhinged elements of the far left, is committed to propagating the notion that the U.S. is in the grip of a fascist government. Again, Rockwell himself is among the more ardent spokesmen for that view. His political opponents, he insists, are “fascisti,” while anyone with the temerity to voice support for American policies is dismissed as one of the “storm troopers of the regime.” As for the 62 million Americans who voted to reelect George W. Bush, they are—you guessed it—the proponents of “red-state fascism.” Lest such comments be dismissed as mere overheated sloganeering, Rockwell stresses that this “not just rhetoric.” Rather, Rockwell urges his readers to recognize that fascism is a reality, not just a smear term.”


I guess playing footsy with the anti-war movement and lionizing jihadists is where they were headed all along. And if you don’t like their Kool-Aid, well, you’re just a statist and a $%@# anyway.  Got that?