Miers Pick Still Bad?

A day has passed, but the anti-Miers sentiment doesn’t seem to be going away on the net.  If anything, it’s been turned up a notch.  For example,  Dan Flynn’s blog today has an open letter to conservatives which criticizes the pick, and Michelle Malkin continues to oppose the nomination. 

Let’s all take a deep breath and admit something:  It’s too early to make any wild predictions on how this Supreme Court pick will turn out.  Should Miers be confirmed, it is entirely possible she could turn out to be a reliable conservative vote, and thus Bush will be viewed as having made a brilliant choice. 

Conservatives (who have been burned in the past) are rightly perplexed by the pick simply because we do not know for sure if she is solid – which is entirely different than knowing for certain she is a bad choice (we do not know that).

In fairness, conservatives have worked for years to win a majority precisely so that our President could make a bold nomination – and “stick it” to the Dems.  Here’s what some people fail to realize: we wanted a fight.  We don’t view fights as all bad.  We relish the chance for an ideological clash.  What’s the point in being in the majority if we can’t ever get our pick? 

For all these reasons, I totally understand the anger and frustration.  But still, I can’t help but thinking some of the most fervent conservative bloggers, who are going so far out there on a limb, might just end up with egg on their face.