How Do We Win?

Robert Spencer’s excellent website, Jihadwatch, is dedicated to explaining Jihadism as an outgrowth of Islamic scriptures that command Muslims to wage war against non-Muslims worldwide until non-Muslims are either annihilated or are reduced to the status of "dhimmis," that is, second-class citizens who acknowledge the supremacy of Islam. Political correctness in Western societies and the mandating of "tolerance" for every non-Western culture and religion, however, have forced our society at large to interpret Jihadism as the actions of a tiny, itsy-bitsy minority of misguided extremists who misinterpret their own religion, not realizing that it is, in fact, a religion of peace.

Today, Spencer links to two stunning examples of American dhimmitude. First, Spencer links to an article illustrating how Bush’s new ambassador to the Islamic world, Karen Hughes, is giving misty-eyed accounts of her meetings with Muslim leaders and is hailing their dedication to peace, love, and interfaith understanding. Meanwhile, these same leaders – when Hughes is not around – are unabashed supporters of international Jihad, offering religious sanction for the killing of US soldiers in Iraq and suicide bombing operations against Israeli civilians.

Secondly, we have a truly shocking article reporting that the Islamic cleric due to be sworn in today as the new chaplain for the New York City Fire Department is a conspiracy theorist who believes that the 9/11 hijackers were innocent.

It’s really hard to fight a war against an enemy (Jihadism) when you’re not allowed to name that enemy and you can’t recognize him when he’s spitting in your face.