Yo Soy El Army

I am in Charleston, SC, for the Citadel‘s annual health fair. I’m glad we are teaching our future soldiers about how to control their diet and the need to stay healthy.

As I was driving down to SC from NC I saw a van with a bumper sticker that read "Yo Soy El Army." What? I have no problem with other languages but this is ridiculous. How are we suppose to preserve our national heritage without English as the official language?

How are soldiers in a foxhole suppose to communicate if everyone doesn’t speak the same language like English?

So, I figured I would do a quick google search for Yo Soy El Army. Here is the first search that came up, a tricked out Hummer H2 with Yo Soy El Army down the side.

I hope the Army is honoring President Bush’s request to preserve gas.

I’m sorry but this is pathetic. Do you agree or disagree?