Absolute, True, and MSM Time

After a major act of nature, the mainstream media declares Bush late to the scene (With the advent of computerized storm tracking, he can be declared late early).  He remains late until a woman or a minority hugs him, whereupon he is declared late for the door.  But what if he keeps showing up during disaster recovery, looking presidential?  Well, in MSM time each pendulum swing goes by more slowly until there is nothing left to do but come unhinged.

Citizen Corn writes the following on his blog today:

What else is there? Bush photo-opping in Colorado during Hurricane Rita. Didn’t that appear…utterly ridiculous? As a citizen, I want a president who can do his job from the White House. Why waste all that time traveling? Especially when jet fuel prices are so high. Every summer, when Bush heads off on his record-length vacations, his aides go on and on about how Bush–due to the miracles of modern-day telecommunications–can do what he needs to do from his ranch. So then how do they explain his scurrying to a command post in the Rocky Mountains State to deal with Rita? He is supposed to be president, not FEMA director–though his qualifications for either post are about as strong as Brownie’s.

Being governor of a large state is insufficient qualification to be President, see.  To be truly qualified, you’d have to be a no-show Senator from Massachusetts.