We're Not in Mayberry Anymore

I caught FOX’s new show, The War at Home, last night.  In case you missed it (or were watching Desperate Housewives), last night’s episode went something like this:

Mom and dad are worried because daughter is all of a sudden happy (she’s normally not).  Naturally, they assume she is doing drugs (this is confirmed when dad’s marijuana is missing).  In fact, daughter did steal dad’s weed.  However, older brother reveals to his best friend (an “inside-the-closet” homosexual) that he, in turn, stole the weed from sister’s dresser. 

When dad confronts daughter, it is revealed that dad is also a smoker.  At this point, dad pretends he purchased the weed for his mother (their grandmother) whom (he says) has glaucoma and would use this as medicinal marijuana.  Younger brother overhears this and goes to a “dealer” to score replacement pot for grandmother (I’m not making this up).  In the end, nobody can remember if they smoked the weed themselves, so the story just sort of goes away.  … Oh yeah, and the grandmother gets high with a friend (she does not have glaucoma).

Without sounding prudish, this seems a bit much for Sunday night at 8:30.  Now, it is not my intention to fill this particular niche in conservative punditry (inasmuch as I could never compete with Michelle Malkin, anyway.)  But this show was so bad (in so many ways); I just couldn’t resist commenting on it.  Can you imagine an episode where Andy accuses Opie of stealing his weed?  … Never mind Andy Griffith — Al Bundy wouldn’t have even stooped so low!

As Seattle Post’s Melanie McFarland points out, the good news is that the show is so bad it won’t be around for long.  But it’s likely this show is just foreshadowing the continued decline of TV. 

I do give the folks at FOX credit for truth in advertising.  In a world where we have to shield kids from 8:30 prime time TV, it turns out, “The War at Home,” is an appropriate title.