Soros Quietly Fundraising

Lefty financier George Soros is fundraising for the Democrats again after a long hiatus.  Alexander Bolton reports in The Hill that the palindromically-surnamed billionaire hosted a super-secret fundraiser last week in New York, netting $250,000 for Chuck Schumer’s Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC).

Soros is known for making provocative statements and is often associated with hot-button issues that most politicians would rather avoid, such as drug decriminalization, assisted suicide and voting rights for felons. Soros, for instance, has helped fund numerous initiatives that would soften criminal penalties for drug use.

“I believe that a drug-free America is a utopian dream. Some form of drug addiction or substance abuse is endemic in most societies,” Soros wrote in a 1997 Washington Post op-ed. “Insisting on the total eradication of drug use can only lead to failure and disappointment.”

As soon as Republican Party officials heard about the DSCC fundraiser, they attempted to link Senate Democrats to Soros’s controversial positions.

“Mainstream Democrats would probably be disturbed to learn that their party leaders are taking their cues from a man who wants to make heroin a prescription drug,” said Tracy Schmitt, spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee.

Before the last presidential election, Soros described getting President Bush out of the White House as “the central focus of my life.” You can call him embarrassing if you like, but you can’t say he isn’t attuned to the liberal Zeitgeist.