That Other Talk Radio

With scandal-plagued Air America pulling abysmal ratings and Gore TV not getting any traction, maybe the time is right for liberals to try religious radio. Why, they could get that “values” monkey off their backs once and for all.  How about the Reverend Newdow Show? Can I hear an Amen?

Seriously though, this article by Paul Nussbaum on the scope of Christian radio’s success is worth reading — no matter what brand of conservative you fancy yourself to be:

The growth in the number of religious stations has been marked: Of 13,838 radio stations in the United States, 2,014 are religious stations, according to Arbitron Inc., the media research company. That’s up from 1,089 stations among 12,840 in 1998, according to Arbitron.

The article also has an interesting observation by Calvin College professor Quentin J. Schultze:

"Because most Americans don’t contact their public leaders, when religious broadcasters ask listeners to do so, they can make a tremendous difference," Schultze said. "Since the Reagan era, the religious conservatives have been able to set so much of the public discourse agenda."