Mr. Reid Says 'No' to Mr. Roberts

Sen. Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) announced today on the Senate floor why he will not be casting his ballot in favor of Judge Roberts next week, saying there are “too many unanswered questions” to confirm him as the next justice of the Supreme Court.

Reid said although in his initial meeting with Roberts he found him “very impressive,” he later changed his mind, after reviewing memos authored by Roberts during his time as a Reagan staff lawyer.

Supposedly, Reid would have been willing to forgive Roberts for the “follies of his youth” if he was willing to repute them before the Senate Judiciary Committee – which didn’t happen. Obviously concerned about Roberts’ standpoint on affirmative action, among other “cutting edge constitutional issues” he feels would be in jeopardy with the confirmation of Roberts, Reid said he respects Roberts but doesn’t think he’s ready for such a high position – considering his influence will most likely be felt for decades to come.