Forbes on True Free Enterprise

Those of us loathing the socialism that was wrapped up in Bush’s speech (those of us=me) had/have reason to be concerned. But we (I) have a friend in Steve Forbes.

One of his recent commentaries suggests for the Katrina recovery "Let the People Do It":

Washington is appropriating tens of billions of dollars to rebuild New Orleans and the devastated Gulf Coast region. But one measure that would cost little and quickly spur an inspiring revival of this impacted area would be making the region a true free-enterprise zone.

Residents and local businesses would be free from both federal and state capital gains levies. Parents would have genuine school choice: If they wanted to move their children to another school, they’d get a voucher or coupon equivalent to the amount spent per pupil in their current school. Pre-Katrina property tax rates would be slashed. Give people who currently live in the region or who move to it an income tax holiday: no taxes owed to Uncle Sam or state capitals for, say, ten years.

With those kinds of incentives small businesses would flourish–a handful might even become tomorrow’s Microsoft or Intel or Apple or Oracle. Job opportunities would proliferate. So would good schools. People would gladly migrate to the region and build anew. Critics may cry that all this would give the area an unfair advantage vis-à-vis the rest of the country. Precisely. Which would lead to another constructive move–making the entire country a true free-enterprise zone. America would prosper as never before.

Will he ever be President? Dunno. But he’s certainly worth listening to.


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