End of All Shame

If you’re wondering who’s to blame over the lack of comity in Washington today, look no further. Sen. John F. Kerry just wrote to tell me he will be giving a speech this afternoon at Brown University on the Katrina disaster.

It’s bad enough that he includes a pitch to raise money for his now-defunct presidential campaign (as if the Dems would be stupid enough to re-nominate him anyway). But far more offensive is the text of his message:

"Millions of Americans are beginning to realize where they fit in our democracy under Republican governance: nowhere."

Yes, Bush and Republicans are vulnerable over Katrina, but the Democrats are way, way overplaying their hand. If you listen to Kerry or Nancy Pelosi, you can tell that they are not interested in investigating anything or setting matters right in case something like this happens again. They’re just being jerks at this point.

All but seven Democrats in the House voted today to block the proposed bipartisan congressional investigation. For today’s top Democrats, no matter is too serious to politicize.