Spokesman for GOP Rep. Don Young Calls Proposal to Give-Up Transportation Pork to Cover Katrina Relief 'Moronic'

This from today’s Wall Street Journal editorial page (“A ‘Moronic’ Proposal,” Wednesday, Sept 14, 2005 — thanks to Mark Skousen for the heads-up):

In the face of the worst natural disaster in U. S. history, couldn’t Alaskans put a hold on the infamous $454 million earmark for the two “bridges to nowhere” that will serve a town of 50 people?  That same half a billion dollars could rebuild thousands of homes for suffering New Orleans evacuees.  One obstacle to this idea apparently will be Don Young, the House Transportation Committee Chairman who captured the funds for Alaska in the first place.  A spokesman for his office told the Anchorage Daily News that the pork-for-relief swap was “moronic.”