Some Questions for Roberts:

The National Pro-Life Action Center last week sent all members of Congress its new report, “Five Questions That Judge John Roberts Must Be Asked,” which the group hopes will help senators “establish the foundation of Judge Roberts’ judicial temperament.” Stephen Peroutka, the group’s chairman and co-author of the report, said Roberts’ views should be probed in a respectful manner.

The five questions the group wants asked are: “1) Do basic human rights come only from government or are they rooted in something that transcends government? 2) Is man’s inherent human nature fixed or does raw political power determine who is and is not a member of the human family? 3) Is law merely the construct of jurists and lawmakers or is it based on first principles of morals and justice? 4) Is the proper role of the judiciary to restrain/limit itself to interpreting law or does it possess de facto legislative powers? 5) Should the judiciary share power equally with the other two branches of government (the legislative and executive) or should its powers transcend them?”


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