Dems Come Out Swinging

I spent a couple hours in the Capitol this afternoon with my colleague Amanda Carpenter. One thing became instantly clear to both of us: Senate Democrats are going to do everything in their power to demoralize their Republican colleagues. With President Bush’s poll ratings already sagging to unhealthy levels, it seems Democrats will relentlessly hammer away until Bush’s numbers hit rock bottom.

Take, for instance, Sen. Patrick Leahy, who veered off topic during a press conference on John Roberts to lambaste the feds on their response to Hurricane Katrina. (Amanda will share his startling quotes here once she returns from the Hill.) Democrats were eager to shower the press with quotes about the Bush Administration’s incompetence, and reporters were more than willing to listen. Can anyone guess what tomorrow’s headlines will be?

Was this to be expected? Sure it was. Republicans are facing a critical time, and this will be a crucial leadership test for Majority Leader Bill Frist. After botching his stem-cell decision before the August recess, it’s now on Frist’s shoulders to lead his party against this angry band of liberals.