Playing Baseball for More than a Paycheck

The Boston Globe has a good article today about how faith binds many on the Boston Red Sox.

Although other teams have Christians on them, when it comes to players of faith, the Red Sox “lead the league.”

”In terms of coming to Bible study and chapel, this team has more guys involved than any team I’ve ever been with," said (John) Olerud, who has played for five teams over 17 seasons in the majors.

So why are they talking to the press about this?  I mean, isn’t this supposed to be a personal decision?

‘This is our platform, our place to speak our faith and live our faith," (Mike) Timlin said. ”This is a special gift from God, to play baseball, and if we can spread God’s word by doing that, then we’ve almost fulfilled our calling." 

This Orioles fan tips his hat to these guys for sharing their faith with the fans.  These are the kinds of rolemodels our kids need.  I wish them the best of luck this season … except when they’re playing at Camden Yards.


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