Walter Reed Counter-Protest

I’m pleased to say there were three streetcorners full of supporters of the troops on Friday night. One streetcorner was taken up with the Code Pink protesters.

I’ve got plenty of pictures up at my blog.

From what I understand, the signs from the Code Pink folks were awfully tame compared to some in the past. There were no "Maimed for a Lie" or "Enlist here and die for Halliburton" posters that I saw. I did see a "Support the Troops, Not War Profiteers" banner. According to the Code Pink protestors I talked to, "war profiteers" aren’t just Halliburton and KBR. Anybody who is or has gone to Iraq to serve as a civilian contractor is a "war profiteer".

What’s really interesting to me is the fact that Code Pink says it’s fighting for more money for veterans. Yet in the past, the group has donated $600,000 to the "other side" in Fallujah. See story here. You’re telling me that money couldn’t have been spent supporting the troops here at home?

The protests were peaceful, although there plenty of conservatives who were downright angry at Code Pink for protesting outside of Walter Reed. Still, everyone behaved themselves.

I’ll have some video of the even on Monday’s "Cam and Company", which airs 3-6 p.m. Eastern on Sirius Satellite Radio (Patriot 141) and online at When I get a firm time for when it’ll be on, I’ll let you know.