Can??¢â???¬â???¢t Count Either:

Almost as Mackey was saying these words in Washington, D.C., Feinstein was giving a speech to the Los Angeles County Bar Association, claiming a mandate to evaluate Roberts on behalf of all American women.

“As the only woman on the [Judiciary] committee,” said Feinstein, “I have an additional role to play in representing the views and concerns of 145 million American women during this hearing process.” Turns out the Census Bureau says there are only 144,513,361 women and girls in the entire country, and only 17.5 million live in Feinstein’s California. “If you are suggesting that you represent 145 million women because of your stance on Roe v. Wade, polls show that women are consistently becoming more pro-life,” Mackey and Pia de Solenni, the FRC’s director of life and women’s issues, instantly responded in a letter to Feinsten. “A 2003 survey by The Polling Company found that 54% of women identify their position on abortion as falling within one of three ‘pro-life’ positions.”