Arizona Fencing Team

Displaying pluck and a DIY spirit, two state legislators suggest that if the federal government won’t fence Arizona, they will.

If the federal government won’t close off the border to illegal crossings, do it yourself. This idea occurred to two state legislators, who are putting together a bill that would create Arizona’s own border fence.

State Rep. Pamela Gorman, whose district includes North Phoenix and Anthem, said the idea came up during lunch one day, and began to develop from there. A bill is not yet ready, but Gorman said she and Russell Pearce, a legislator from Mesa, will begin working on it this week.

Of course, such a network of fences in Arizona would cause the invasion to route through neighboring states, which would have to get smart in a hurry. The expense for Arizona would be vast, but maybe there’s a way concerned citizens in other states might pitch in (e.g., quilting carbon fiber panels that could be linked together).