Reform Inside Academia


Surprisingly, there is some reform taking place inside academia.  Two examples are Brown University and Ithaca College (my alma mater).  A few other campuses also feature a course or two in conservatism, and there are also conservative colleges out there.

At Brown University, President Ruth Simmons used her 2005 Spring Semester Opening Address to discuss how intellectual diversity will improve civil discourse on her campus.  Brown now has a Community Council, composed of members with diverse perspectives, and a new fund “devoted to bringing a wider variety of speakers to campus.”  The university has also added intellectual diversity to its mission statement.

At Ithaca College, thanks to the hard work of our group there, there have been two courses in conservative thought.  And, today the "Diversity Task Force" came out with its recommendations to the President for what can be done to improve all types of diversity, including intellectual diversity, on campus.  I will blog more on this later.

But don’t forget that there are conservative colleges out there such as HillsdaleGrove City, and College of the Ozarks. To read more, please visit Young America’s Foundation’s list of the top ten conservative colleges.  This fall, we will release our new top ten list.