'Dumbing-Down' the Culture: Owens vs. Sheehan

It seems my Human Events Online columns last week drew some attention and minor controversy.  The Rolling Stones article was mentioned in the Las Vegas Weekly, and some Philadelphia TV stations and blogs picked up on my rant against Terrell Owens.  (No word yet if any pro-Bill Murray forces will rally against me).

Yesterday, I received this email:


What you want to bet that 90% of the readers of Human Events are political and think your article is about football and not politics?

I took that to mean that I’m guilty of “dumbing-down” the culture by failing to write about how the flat tax is right for America, etc.  Now, I can talk about Cindy Sheehan, the price of gas, and Iraq just as good as the next fellow.

But in the spirit of the internet, I thought I’d ask you your opinion.  Do you want more Sheehan talk, or will you tolerate my forays into campaign politics, pop culture, and yes … the occasional football blog? 

Email me at, and let me know your thoughts.