Transgendered Teachers

It’s bad enough that our school systems are being flooded with gay propaganda under the facades of tolerance and diversity, but now psychiatrists in New Jersey have cleared Kerri “Herb” McCaffrey to teach middle school children. “Kerri,” formerly known by “her” male name, “Herb,” just finished gender realignment surgery and is eager to strut her new stuff in the classroom.

New Jersey’s anti-discrimination statues prohibit “Kerri/Herb” from being fired, but it’s not likely the school’s superintendent would have done so even if the law had never existed. According to Janie Edmonds, Mendham New Jersey’s superintendent of schools, “Kerri/Herb” would remain a teacher as long as he/she passed mental examinations from “independent” psychiatrists.

If I were a parent whose child was in a class taught by Kerri/Herb, I would be outraged.


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