HE's Assistant Editor Wins Journalism Award

Kudos to our own Amanda Carpenter for this wonderful accomplishment. The Leadership Institute’s press release is below.


Washington, DC, —  The Leadership Institute today announced the winner of its Campus Leadership Program (CLP) Investigative Journalism Award. 

Amanda Carpenter, founder of Ball State University’s online conservative publication wins this year’s award.  The award recognizes the best investigative journalist for a campus publication for the year.

An investigative piece published by Carpenter early this year exposed one of Ball State University’s most militant leftist professors. 

Carpenter’s investigations revealed Ball State professor, Dr. Abel Alves did more than simply advocate anti-agriculture and anti-capitalist views in the classroom.  Alves extremism led to his arrest for trespassing at a local farm during a recent protest against the treatment of livestock.

“Amanda’s detailed research into Alves activities exposed the radical leftist professor to her fellow students at Ball State,” said Leadership Institute President Morton Blackwell.

“Tenacious conservatives such as Amanda now challenge and expose the radical views of extremist professors who have remained unchallenged on campuses for decades,” Blackwell continued.

The Leadership Institute’s Campus Leadership Program organizes independent conservative student groups on U.S. campuses.  In the 2004-05 school year the number grew from 216 to 437 active groups at colleges and universities in all 50 states.  The Leadership Institute intends to expand the number of active groups to over 700 by the end of the fall 2005  semester. The Institute’s Student Publications School provides college students training in how to start a campus newspaper or online publication.  In the first half of 2005, Institute graduates produced 32 new campus publications.

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