RE: Unlike The Veterans He Disrespects, San Francisco Supervisor Runs From Fight

Mac was a lot more polite and reasoned than I would have been in his comments about San Francisco’s refusal of the USS Iowa museum.

Indeed, for me, this kind of liberal nonsense conjures only spluttering anger. It’s hard to imagine how San Francisco could have been more disrespectful to the men who served on countless ships — from battlewagons to tin can destroyers — that protected our shores and fought in waters from home to protect our freedom. (Even the freedom of tin-foil hat wearing local elected officials.)

How quickly these dolts forget that the Pacific Fleet stopped the Japanese naval offensive that many believed at the time would culminate with landings on the West Coast in places like San Francisco. And how quickly they forget that a huge percentage of the brave men who went to sea during World War II — not to mention hundreds of thousands of marines — embarked for action from San Francisco’s then-massive naval base.

The Golden Gate was often their last memory of “the States” before they went off to battle. And it was the landmark they dreamed of seeing again because it meant they were headed home.

By refusing the Iowa, the twits on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors aren’t making an effective political statement. They’re disgracing themselves. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.


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