Frying the Chickenhawk Argument

The Left is now pushing the “chickenhawk” argument against those of us who support our troops and the war in Iraq but are not in the Armed Forces.  But this “argument” is easy to fry.

Michael Moore and his cronies are pushing their anti-American agenda.  Moore’s site has a silly logo which proclaims, “We the few, the rich, the elite: Born to kill, not serve.”  This is interesting since young conservatives are neither the rich, the elite, or the few!

My recent appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal included a caller who accused me of being a hypocrite for not serving in Iraq.  I told her that I am fighting the battle of ideas on America’s college campuses.

The Left assumes that people must be involved in an activity in order to express an opinion about it.  If that were the case, not many people could express opinions about anything since they would be limited to their own fields.  Only teachers could discuss education policy, only construction workers could discuss growth and zoning policy, only policemen could discuss drug policy, and only social workers could discuss Welfare policy.

Moore asks, “Dude, where’s my country?” But I say my country is one where anyone has the freedom to express an opinion about anything.